Web Site Up Dates

Several WTA members are in the process of working on up-dating our web site. Check out the photos and contract and constitution that was just posted.

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MegaConference 2012

Amy Butcher works on editing the WTA website.

NEOEA MegaConference was held today at Cuyahoga Community College Corporate College East. In spite of the bad weather it was attended by 6 WTA members. The members in attendance today were: Amy Butcher, Verlene DeWitt, Patrick McMorrow, Michael Kula, Ursula Hays, & Drew Hocevar. They attended classes on union topics like STRS update and current issues in bargaining to using Word Press to create association web sites and increasing literacy in the classroom through the use of iPads.

Darren Clum, OEA Staffer, explains how to edit websites using Word Press.

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